just what a tuesday needs


nothing says hope quite like flowers growing through the cracks in concrete

sunday night feels

Te vengo a cantar - Grupo Bahía (Hugo Candelario González) Video Oficial Alta Definición (by juanmartinfierro)

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this is the story of betrayal.

read your palms and connect
the lines back to india. tug
a vein until you pull out your
ancestors (brahmin)
ask them
all the toughest questions
and maybe
they will confess to you what the
politicians erase from our histories:

that some of us let the…


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remember the first day of freshman year of college when we were nothing but a name and a dot on the map at the front of the hall?

remember when we did
not cry when our parents left us in those rooms too cramped for all of our expectations (and, perhaps, naïveté)?

remember the first…

cannot stop listening!

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So proud.

Remix for https://soundcloud.com/beyoncemusic of her new song “Grown Woman.”

my english is broken.
on purpose.
have to try harder to understand
breaking this language
you so love
is my pleasure.
in your arrogance
you presume that i want your skinny language.
that my mouth is building a room for
in the back of my throat
it is not.

i have seven different words for love, you have one, that makes alot of sense, nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)

(via nayyirahwaheed)